Ravi Guria is applying traditional media and social media to bring about mindset transformation in rural and semi-urban India towards Education, Health, Governance, Skills & Livelihood, Social Entrepreneurship, eCommerce and dissemination of information. He is also heading Media and Communication dept. in Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), which is institutionally working towards finding sustainable digital interventions to overcome information poverty in rural and remote locations of India, and empower communities with digital literacy, digital tools and last mile connectivity.

He has over 20 years of experience as a Filmmaker, Scriptwriter, Media Practitioner and Media Trainer. He has worked with some of the best national and international technical and creative teams in India, Middle-East and Africa; and facilitated various state governments, corporates and television channels with media consultancy.

He was chosen as eight best scriptwriters in India for his script ‘Mitra’ at Mumbai Mantra CineRise Screenwriting Programme 2014.

He is a trained Photographer and Filmmaker from the prestigious Xavier Institute of Communication (XIC), Mumbai. His has also participated in Kodak Cinematography workshop; scriptwriting workshop with experienced Hollywood scriptwriter Tom Abrams; and cinematography workshop with famous Hollywood cinematographer Slawomir Yitziak—of famous films like Black Hawk Down and Harry Porter.